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A.P.N.G. Enterprises, Inc., our holding company, has created the epic NEW-GEN Universe with a comic book series printed, advertised and distributed through Marvel Entertainment

A live action sci-fi feature film based on nanotechnology will be in production. NEW-GEN rolls out with the first in a series of Films, extending to Video Games, Television Series, Toys and Merchandising. NEW-GEN has a portfolio of characters built like the Marvel Universe with a NEW GENERATION of superheroes (i.e. think Marvel Universe - Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine, X-Men, Thor, Iron Man). NEW-GEN has been described as STAR WARS meets HARRY

Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Kirk Brandow apprenticed in Brazil with Ivo Pitangi, the famous “Father” of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Brandow was Dr. Pitangi’s number one student and they remain friends to this day.

Dr. Brandow’s website validates his work with the greatest skill-set of aesthetic procedures. Dr. Brandow is very much an artist of the human body, and the happiness and personal satisfaction achieved for his patients has earned him great fame.

Global Extinction Awareness Association

The challenges are many confronting Global Conservation, and specifically, preventing the Extinction of Endangered Animal Species. if Man can effectively save endangered animal species from extinction, therein will exist his formula for salvation. Chinese Medicine, Poaching, and Deforestation/Habitat Destruction are the main culprits driving the Great Apes and Big Cats to the brink of extermination. Potential solutions are DNA Cloning, Breed and Release Programs, Conservation Land banks, and Species Protection Law Enforcement. The Global Leopard Protection Trust will provide a think-tank to work with Countries and develop resources to fight extinction.

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