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Theodore Nevins III

Theodore C. Nevins III, for 27 years, has been in the finance and securities industry living in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Beijing. Nevins worked for several notable American Investment Banks that did not survive the banking crisis—Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns, to name a few. As a successful trader and salesman in bond and bond derivative funds such as CDO’s, CBO’s and neutral duration funds, he can explain in detail what caused the current World Financial Crisis, and can speculate on solutions for Europe, Asia, and the US.

In Beijing more recently, Nevins and his partner were the exclusive Investment Advisors for mainland China’s wealthiest man, ranked by Forbes, and successfully motivated a significant shift from his core consumer electronics business into Middle Income Residential Construction in second tier cities.

Nevins has since moved into building a future Trans Media Fund as an investor and Production Coordinator with A.P.N.G. Enterprises, Inc. which owns NEW-GEN Universe comic books. NEW-GEN comic books are published and marketed by Disney’s Marvel Entertainment, LLC. The next phase will be the production of a film slate based on the Epic Bible Story written by the famed Jeff Gomez, www.starlightrunner.com , who also created the bible stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron Legacy, and Avatar, to name just a few. Next, Nevins is looking to place the assets of A.P.N.G. Into a dynamic social media fund to further grow the businesses of TV, Video Games, Toys, cartoons and eventually theme parks.

Nevins also is the co-founder of Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery (WSCS), a global medical tourism business that will begin to focus on the interests of the emerging Chinese Middle Class. WSCS will establish joint-ventures in Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore, as well as, in Cambodia. North American patients soon will be able to visit the Caribbean nation of Grenada, where Dr. Brandow studied medicine early in his career. In addition, a clinic in Grenada will emerge to service patients from North America.

Finally, Nevins is profoundly concerned with the challenges confronting Global Conservation, and specifically, preventing the Extinction of Endangered Animal Species. if Man can effectively save endangered animal species from extinction, therein will exist his salvation. Chinese Medicine, Poaching, and Deforestation/Habitat Destruction are the main culprits driving the Great Apes and Big Cats to the brink of extermination. Potential solutions are DNA Cloning, Breed and Release Programs, Conservation Landbanks, and Species Protection Law Enforcement. The Global Leopard Protection Trust will provide a think-tank to work with Countries and develop resources to fight extinction.